Your Story: In Only Six Words

What’s your story in six words?

That’s a story shorter than the 140-character Twitter limit!

In the spirit of conciseness, I’ll keep this post short and sweet.

During a team workshop last week, we started off with an icebreaker exercise where we had to describe our story in exactly six words. Sometimes, icebreakers can be too cheesy, or a waste of time. However, I found this quick creative exercise to be incredibly useful and empowering. It was also a surprisingly good way to get to know someone’s story, or their perspective on life.

Here were some of mine that I jotted down:

  • Be like Oprah. Voice for inspiration.
  • Humans are people. Connect with people.
  • Eccentricity is sexy. Sometimes I meow.
  • Live the chapters. Share the book.

The last one really stuck with me. “Live the chapters. Share the book.” Ultimately, it’s my life and dreams in a nutshell. I want to live the chapters… fully, richly, deeply. And then share the book and knowledge with others. This blog is a start.

Could you describe your story, given only six words?


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