Innocent Joy: Being a Child Again

  Remember when we were kids, and the world was bright and full of hope?   When each day was a new adventure, and everything that we imagined (fire-breathing dragons, giant castles, space ships made of cardboard boxes, stuffed animals that came alive) was indeed our reality?   When we didn’t have all these adult […]

Creating Healthy Boundaries

“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.” –Brene Brown I’ve recently had a big game-changing A-HA!!! *shiny light bulb over head* moment, where I realized that I need to become better at creating healthy personal boundaries. As a “Giver” (Myers-Briggs type ENFJ), I genuinely love to help people, […]

Vulnerability: Not a Weakness

Maybe it’s the new rain. Maybe it’s the new year. Whatever the reason, recently I’ve been thinking a lot about vulnerability. In particular, becoming more vulnerable again. 2014 was spent trying to find my true happiness, to become stronger than ever, and to be more self-confident. Mission accomplished! It was a pretty kick-ass year. However, somewhere in […]

Cutting The Cord

Yesterday was my born day. I came into this world a few decades ago, umbilical cord cut upon emergence from my mother’s womb. While out celebrating another year of this wondrous life with the dearest of friends, my phone was stolen from my purse in the first hours of my birthday. At first I was […]

Beginnings: The Birth of a Blog

“Nourish beginnings, let us nourish beginnings. Not all things are blest, but the seeds of all things are blest. The blessing is in the seed.”  – Muriel Rukeyser, “Elegy in Joy” Beginnings–life is a series of beginnings. With an upcoming birthday, and the delight of growing another year wiser, I wanted to finally begin writing a […]